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Short, focused discussions of key concepts or ideas can be a great way to support student learning when they’re working independently or at a distance. This summer I’m teaching a fully online course and one of my big concerns for online teaching is maintaining a high level of student engagement. One […]

Take Your Teaching Online: the Micro-Lecture

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Finding time to fit writing into my schedule can be a real challenge. While in the past I’ve relied on binge-writing to make it through important milestones, I’ve found that practicing sustainable writing habits has helped me make regular progress toward my goals and feel a lot better while I’m doing […]

Support Your Writing Productivity and Leave Binge-Writing Behind

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Silences and occlusions represent ideological positions in the Writing Across the Curriculum movement. Several major professional associations have taken-up WAC through issuing position statements: NCTE, CCCC, CWPA, NWP, and INWAC. Presences and absences in this discourse suggest tensions embedded in WAC’s historical development, and provide insight into the state of […]

Articulating the Values of Writing Across the Curriculum

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I work with a lot of instructors who use writing in their teaching. One of the challenges of teaching with writing is that without the right kinds of support, students might struggle to accomplish learning outcomes, get frustrated about the writing process, and result in more work for teachers when it’s […]

Make a Better Writing Assignment by Design

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Just because you’re teaching an online class doesn’t mean you can’t have students work and learn together. As I’m building an online class in preparation this summer, I’m also trying to plan activities that students can do in collaboration with each other and to contribute to content of the course. […]

Build More Collaboration into Your Online Class

Who says that your syllabus should only be used on the first day of class? Perhaps it’s an issue of design. After getting some inspiration from a post on Creative Approaches to the Syllabus, I decided to undertake a full redesign of my syllabus, including visual design. My post on GradHacker […]

Give Your Syllabus an Extreme Redesign for the New Year

Making the transition from coursework to independent research can be a real challenge as a writer. Sometimes it helps to find other people to work with whether that be sharing a table at the library for a writing session, or setting up a writing exchange.

Making a Writing Group that Works

A professional website can be a great way to share your work, network with potential colleagues, and get involved in new projects. This post offers a great step-by-step guide of how to build a website (including registering your own domain), and doesn’t involve a lick of HTML.

Build a Professional Website (Without HTML)