Endora from Bewitched
American television has had a long-standing fascination with the character of the witch. With a little wit, camp, and some low-budget special effects, these fantasy women negotiate the performance of gendered public personas (the housewife or teenage girl), seemingly at odds with their secret identities as witches.

The American Sitcom Witch as a Discourse of Queer Bodies

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Drawing inspiration from the work of Andrea Lunsford and Lisa Ede, this presentation questions what relevance the concept of “audience” holds in light of participatory media, as well as what relevance the term “text” holds with respect to the shifting dynamics of web design.

Death of the Author 2.0 and Other Reflections on Design ...

In 1982, the University of Massachusetts Amherst founded its Writing Program following the passage of a measure by its Faculty Senate. This measure had wide implications including the changing of general education requirements, creation of a new requirement (Junior Year Writing), and the structural changes of creating a new academic […]

Institutional Writing and Rhetoric at a State University

Syllabus by Travis Grandy
Taking some inspiration from a ProfHacker blog post on doing an “extreme makeover” for syllabi, I worked with hari stephen kumar on a variety of design methods for both syllabi and assignment sheets for our own College Writing courses.

Hacking Your Course Documents: Rethinking Design for Syllabi

21st-century environments for reading and writing are continually expanding. With this expansion comes a growing variety of texts, few of which resemble what many students and teachers think of as a “traditional” essay. A critical understanding of the concepts of purpose, audience, context, and choice are vital for writers who […]

Convergence in the Classroom: Exploring New Media in Composition