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The Micro-Lecture

Short, focused discussions of key concepts or ideas can be a great way to support student learning when they're working ...
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Support Your Writing Productivity

Finding time to fit writing into my schedule can be a real challenge. While in the past I've relied on ...
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Make a Better Writing Assignment by Design

I work with a lot of instructors who use writing in their teaching. One of the challenges of teaching with ...
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Build More Collaboration into Your Online Class

Just because you're teaching an online class doesn't mean you can't have students work and learn together. As I'm building ...
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Give Your Syllabus an Extreme Redesign for the New Year

Who says that your syllabus should only be used on the first day of class? Perhaps it's an issue of ...
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Making a Writing Group that Works

Making the transition from coursework to independent research can be a real challenge as a writer. Sometimes it helps to find ...
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Build a Professional Website (Without HTML)

A professional website can be a great way to share your work, network with potential colleagues, and get involved in ...
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Team-Based Inquiry to Teach Research Skills

This semester I tried to take a more collaborative approach to how students in my class approached the research process ...
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Reframe Your Approach to Grading and Feedback

As a writing instructor, I've picked up a few helpful strategies for giving feedback to student writers ...
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