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My current research is centered at the intersection between theorizing writing as a social act, and the study of how social institutions and communities take up writing and discourse to enact change.  My conference presentations (at CCCC and Computers & Writing) have looked at how communities marginalized by educational institutions assert their presence and membership (as students and intellectuals) while contending with systemic racism and patriarchy. I have also seen some of these struggles play-out in my WPA work: conversations with students and faculty about writing have informed my questions about the role that institutions play in to defining the purpose of students’ work and their identities as writers. These questions have informed the planning of my dissertation which examines how institutions of higher education construct student writers as subjects (scholars, citizens, and/or workers) through writing and literacy in the academic disciplines.

Reviews and Works in Progress

  • “Review: Toward a New Rhetoric of Difference.” The WAC Journal 26.1 (Fall 2016): 155-161. Print.
  • “Value, Authority & Choice: The Products of Institutional Discourse.” (in progress)
  • “Rhetorics of Agitation: Microaggression Discourses in Digital Student Activism” (in progress)

National Conference Presentations

Local Conference Presentations

Professional Development

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